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Dalian Coherent Light Source (DCLS)
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Dalian Coherent Light Source (DCLS)

Energyis of concern in the recent 20 years, focusing on new energy seeking andoptimization of fossil energy use. Production of energy, which is mainlyburning, is a fundamental physical chemical process, happening every day. Howto burn the fossil efficiently and environment friendly is a basic andimportant question, which scientists have studied for hundred years since petroland coal was used. Good light source, such as table laser running at visiblerange, synchrotron radiation at X-ray, is always very helpful in such a field,which can detect product, induce reaction, record the reaction process and soon. It make detection of reaction product easier and more efficient that extremeUV can ionize different kinds of small molecule or radical by one photon, butit is hard to reach with table laser system. Although synchrotron radiation is alsoa good choice for such experiment at this wavelength range, higher detectionsensitivity, higher time resolution, not available by synchrotron, are neededto open the new field of scientific research. Based on high gain high harmonic technique(HGHG),seeded free electron laser increases the beam intensity by several orders, hasfemtosecond duration and well defined frequency distribution, and is coherenttransversely and longitudinally at the same time. All these new features will pavethe way for the coming research.

Considering the greatfeatures and application above, a new seeded free electron laser, operating at extremeUV range between 50nm and 150nm, has been built by the State Key Laboratory ofMolecular Reaction Dynamics (SKLMRD), Dalian Institute of ChemicalPhysics(DICP), CAS, with the help of Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics(SINAP)CAS. A conceptual design of FEL has been present at this workshop, that 300 MeVelectron beam with picosecond duration from normal conducting S band Linac ismodulated at the first short undulator by the 100fs seed laser and radiate atthe rest undulators at extreme UV range, which is high harmonic of seed laser(HGHGtechnique). The coherent optical beam with 100uJ per pulse will be achieved andwell controlled in femtosecond time scale. Energy-related experiments will bedone at new-designed user stations, which can make best use of FEL radiation ofthis range. Some of the user plans will be present at this workshop too. The systemis supposed to lase at the end of 2016, and all the experiments can be started.

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